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You Want People To Have Strong Passwords? What Are You, Some Kind Of Communist?

Passwords are a pain.

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via Techdirt.

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Feel free to ignore this

Testing some auto-publishing links.

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Are these pictures of water flowing on Mars, right now?

Are these pictures of water flowing on Mars, right now?

Scientists at JPL say that new analysis of pictures taken on Mars contains the "strongest indication" that there is water flowing on the red planet, right now.

via io9

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SCOTUS: Patent Denied!

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Concern as to the rights of “the media”

Today noted Pennsylvanian “G-man” Grolish expressed concern about Section 3 of the proposed constitutional amendment at Move to Amend. An interesting point and much depends on the designation of “the press”

This has been your daily political note from Pacanukeha Press.

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Science vs Religion

Religion requires faith. Science requires trust. Trust is earned and subject to revision, faith is not.

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