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50 reasons why LOTR was flawed.

Peace be unto Isa for the link.

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The Canadian government wants all service providers to maintain 6 month logs of all web traffic reports Declan McCullagh in one of his politech columns.

Another section of the proposal says the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police recommends “the establishment of a national database” with personal information about all Canadian Internet users. “

Included is a mail link to comment on this attrocious waste of money and egregious infringement on privacy.

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Back away folks! I am connected to the rich and powerful.

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If you only read one web-graphic-novellette about whales and orgasms today …

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Addendum to the melting point thing.
Read this now.

If you don’t like it, chances are I don’t like you. Not that you care, of course, your kind rarely do.

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Crazy Apple Rumors Site. Welcome, Nude Readers!

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This is why I never once actually measured a melting point during my halcyon days in Biochem.

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