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A bunch of stuff shamelessly ripped off from NTK

send “to a
friend”, watch BBC mercilessly censor own URL… not very
puerile GOOGLE misspelling, but still quite an funny one: (see
also “quality asurance”, “quality assuance”, “quality
assurace”, “quality assurane” etc) – and just for old times’
“Java” compatible:
use for optimising performance of Breville’s new fax-blender: … ironic use of
“Title here”?: … “remember your
descendants” page: to be
“available later”… one suspect “linked to al Qaeda” (pic):,,30000-1067444,00.html
… bit of politics:

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Umm, I haven’t written anything since October because I was too petrified to move in the run up to and the aftermath of the yankee election. Yeah, that’s the ticket. On that note:
The Onion – What Do You Think? Republicans Take The Senate
Curious George W.

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