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UK public wants ID cards, and thinks we’ll screw up the IT | The Register

A little more cotton wool to wrap the whole national ID issue.

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BBC NEWS | Technology | Hard drive speed limit is reached

Apparently it is 435 Gb/s. But that is also per head. And frankly, with 4 heads writing to 2 double sided platters each wrting at 50 GB/s I’m not worried. Remember that HD DVDs are ~25GB/layer, so if I can read/write 4 HD DVDs to disk in one second I think I’ll be doing OK. Of course, Doom 8 will be a bit choppy …

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BBC NEWS | Politics | Public ‘happy to carry ID cards’

A report that says that 80% of people polled in the UK back a national ID card scheme irritates me. Since I haven’t seen any empirical evidence that ID cards can prevent terrorism, and since security professionals whose opinion I trust say otherwise, I have to question the context of the poll. What were the questions that were asked? How much information do the people who were polled have on security in general and identity in particular?

This is merely symptomatic of the inability of most current news distribution systems to educate.

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