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frontline: the way the music died | PBS

Off the airwaves, onto the web, nothing but link.

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Freedom to Tinker

So instead of talking about copyright, I’ll let someone else do the talking.

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Science & Tech. at Scientific The Myth of the Beginning of Time

An article at Scientific on the subject of cosmology raises an interesting idea — String theory suggests that the big bang was not the origin of the universe but simply the outcome of a preexisting state. There are a bunch of other feature articles at the bottom of the page that are interesting too … check out the one about wolves at Yellowstone.

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Occupation: Girl – Troy in Fifteen Minutes

This is spittingly funny.

Leave a Comment – Premier Cicada information source

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RIAA accounting practices considered harmful

Today’s Good Morning Silicon Valley has a heap o’ links about how RIAA bases their sales figures on distributor-to-store shipments and not POS figures. Seems that if you look at POS figures sales have actually increased. So there.

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But …

It doesn’t handle <pre> blocks very well. Nor does it handle long words. Wrapping sucks. I shall endeavour to be clever. (and fail, oh yes)
Oh well, as they always say, it’s the endeavour that counts in horseshoes.

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