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Dracos – What Can We Do About Terrorism?

That guy who scraped the website and made it useable and was thanked by them and then threatened with a law suit by them has a post up by a USAF pilot (who flew 101 missions over Vietnam) about what he thinks: What Can We Do About Terrorism


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The Obsessively Annotated Introduction to the INDUCE Act

Corante (Tech News. Filtered Daily) does a bang up job of providing sub-text to a reading of Senator Hatch’s introduction to the Induce Act.

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More dreaming whale related content

Do you remember this? Well, there is more. Of course we are well past October, 2003, but that’s ok.

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So I don’t forget again

A link to a database of movie samples in music.

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Finally! An update.

Possibly the best general programming book of all time has just been updated.

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