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Ten Most Wanted Design Bugs

RAID 1 saved my life last night. On a related note, on the list of the Ten Most Wanted Design Bugs, the #1 computer design bug is “No safety from power failure”. This goes beyond UPSs. All modern power supplies should have 45 seconds of reserve and be able to signal the OS – all modern operating systems should receive that signal and immediately be able to suspend or shut down. Currently power supplies don’t because it would add $25-$50 to the system cost. Windows & OS X might be able to do it, but Linux has difficulty hibernating (although not shutting down) because BIOS & chipset manufacturers do not release enough information.


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To Hell and Back

I think Dan would like Bill Stone

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Tommy Douglas crowned ‘Greatest Canadian’

Yay Tommy! As MediaScout points out, even though we think he’s the greatest, there is no way he could be elected Prime Minister.

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Neil Gaiman has amusing fans

Scroll down this entry until you reach Gilbert & Sullivan and goats.

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RFID passports

Ooops, this broke 6 weeks ago. Anyway –

RFID passports are a bad idea.

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Textbook disclaimer stickers

Textbook disclaimer stickers. No further commentary necessary :)

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