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Well, Mark Frauenfelder at Boing Boing is posting a modest proposal to relieve the conservative majority in the U.S. of the horrible drag that is presented by the libruhls. All sorts of interesting things are being posted today. Take a look at the ratio of fedral funding to federal taxes broken down by state:

Current deadbeat states who went for Bush: (those getting >110%+ of their tax money back)

Mississippi,Missouri,Montana,North Dakota,Oklahoma,South Carolina
South Dakota,Tennessee,Utah,Virginia,West Virginia,Wyoming

Non-deadbeat states for Bush:

Colorado,Florida,Georgia,Indiana,Nebraska,Nevada,North Carolina

Deadbeat states for Kerry:


Non-debeat states for Kerry:

New Hampshire,New Jersey,New York,Oregon,Pennsylvania
Rhode Island,Washington,Wisconsin

One last thing, does this map look familiar? Kind of makes you wonder if Lincoln would have bothered if he knew how things would turn out.

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Refreshingly honest

Now, if only they could talk like this all the time. Especially on television. Over and over again.

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Never Forget: Internets Vets for Truth

How very, very funereal.

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