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Nyah nyah nyah nyah:

“According to an internal study done by one of the majors, between two-thirds and three-quarters of the drop in sales in America had nothing to do with internet piracy. No-one knows how much weight to assign to each of the other explanations: rising physical CD piracy, shrinking retail space, competition from other media, and the quality of the music itself. But creativity doubtless plays an important part.”

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CBC News: Iran has deal on nuclear program, negotiator says

Apparently the Iranians worked out a deal with France, Germany, and the UK. Strange, I don’t see the helpful hand of El Shrub in there.

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Best map so far

Per county, weighted for population, purple

Now I want to see a 3-D distortion of this map for 2 things:
1) Taxes paid vs federal spending.
2) % over GDP on a per-capita basis.

This would show who is getting the pork and who is making the pork.

This page was the source of those maps. There are 2 new ones at the bottom that scale non-linearly (a 70% vote is considered enough to be pure red or blue).

This conversation is continued over at Adam’s Emergent Chaos where he brings up the US 16th amendment and a reasonable point. Good God man, can’t you let me whine in peace? ;p

P.S. Joke, joke. I read rational stuff too.

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CBC News: Hezbollah drone plane enters Israeli airspace

It seems that QNE’s (I think it is safe to call Hezb’allah a terrorist organization whenever they operate outside of Lebanon but this time they were playing in their own house) are getting their hands on some interesting tech.

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“A lttle patience, and we shall see the reign of witches pass over … “

Bill always finds the best quotes.

Thought for today: show me where it uses the words “National Security” in the U.S. Constitution.

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