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Juno Reactor Tour & CD

From their web site:

  • Juno Reactor will be touring USA and Canada April-May 2005
  • The sixth Juno Reactor album Labyrinth will be released mid October 2004.

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Ashcroft Condemns Judges Who Question Bush

What is the word I am looking for? Oh yeah, scum.

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Canadian Internet Freedom.

These 2 links: Canadaian gov’t committee proposes an Internet levy & Shaw lies to customers about filtering P2P protocols get their own post.
In the first link we learn that the morally repugnant Heritage Committee is pushing further ahead with its disturbing agenda. It proposes a levy to be placed on all internet access. The levy here would cover all Internet users, including institutions that have the right to re-use work without permission or payment (like schools and libraries), and it won’t confer any substantial rights upon you. I would not mind a reasonable levy (say, $5-10/month) if it allowed me to do what I liked with the material I accessed (remember, although court cases are being appealed, downloading mp3s is currently legal in Canada) but this makes no sense. Who is asking for this? Who does it benefit? What problems is it trying to mitigate? The are all questions with no sensible answers.

In the second link we learn that Shaw Cable Internet recently added routing rules that drop P2P based traffic. When a poster on DSL reports revealed that, customer support denials to the contrary, Shaw was in fact blocking the traffic, Shaw sent a nasty-gram demanding their removal.

Those statements contain information that is proprietary to Shaw and have been disclosed in breach of an employer/employee contractual relationship.

This summary from the BoingBoing entry does a good job:

Here’s the facts, then:
1. Shaw is indiscriminately censoring its customers’ Internet feeds. It’s not blocking infringing files (hell, Shaw can’t even know for certain what files are and aren’t infringing for each customer), it’s blocking protocols, applications used to transmit and receive tens, hundreds of millions of public-domain, copylefted and non-copyrightable works.
2. Shaw is lying about censoring its customers’ Internet feeds.
3. Shaw is threatening to sue people who tell the world about its lies.

Now Shaw is offering a private subscriber service. I would say that it has the right to offer its customers whatever it wants. On the other hand, Shaw has been granted a monopoly by the CRTC as far as cable delivery goes. Customers who are dissatisfied are forced to go the DSL route. Why is it that Bell needs to share its network and allow 3rd party reselling of services but cable providers don’t? Shaw, Rogers, Cogeco, and Videotron all need to be brought to heel, slapped about a bit and taught the joys of competition. The CRTC needs to be brough to heel, slapped about a bit and told in no uncertain terms that the Heritage Committee are being jerks, intruding on it’s turf, and that the future lies in innovation and openness, not in a committee room where politicians belly up to the corporate donation trough and monopolists and luddites set the agenda for our future.

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Today, instead of one post per link, we experimenting with what I call “too many damned links to treat individually”.
This post is also strong evidence that blogger really should have topics.

Subject: EU fishery policies directly linked to bushmeat activity in Ghana
Tag:: stop with the over-fishing already

Subject: What’s the problem with e-voting?
Tag:: you should read the ever erudite Bruce Schneier

Subject: Some people who were there on 11:00 am, 11 Nov. 1918
Tag:: no Tag: necessary

Subject: Music and language – the nature article is about how composer’s compositions follow the tonality of their language. The Scientific American article is about how people who speak tonal languages are 5 times as likely to develop perferct pitch.
Tag:: Singin’ in the brain. Yes, I am quite proud of that one :)

Subject: Science & Journalism – Science strives for accuracy and the triumph of one theory over another. Modern main-stream journalism strives for fairness and balance. This results in poor science reporting.
Tag:: Fair and unbalanced

Subject: Disclaimers everywhere. In Georgia, evolution text books have a disclaimer about how evolution is a theory and needs to be examined closely. Now, I cannot actually complain about the disclaimer, it says only that when studying science, we should follow the scientific method. A proposal to offer a similar disclaimer to the Bible is proposed.
Tag:: What’s good for the goose …

Subject: In which the US government tries to deny Indymedia standing in a court case to sue for information concerning the earlier seizure of their servers. The reason? Well the subpoena was served to Rackspace San Antonio, don’t cha know, not some rable-rousing Brit!
Tag:: Papa knows best, now go to your room.

Subject: BlogsNow – I added a new badge over to the right. The most up-to-date blog aggregator I’ve found.
Tag:: Badges? We don’t need no stinkin’ badges.

Subject: George Bush is elected on the morality ticket. And then appoints Gonzalez to replace Ashcroft. Attorney for Enron. Right.
Tag:: Moral values? Them’s good eatin’!

Subject: Wired does these photoshops of every-day things of the future. Here for your viewing pleasure they present, an e-voting printout. Obviously I have some issues with it. Like the real-time results.
Tag:: Oh, and not so much saved personal voting history, thanks.

Subject: In a similar fashion, futurefeedforward presents news articles from the future. Really good, funny sci-fi. Today’s entry is “American Medical Association Recommends Warning Tattoos for Children”. Like “Do not put in eye” on the thumb.
Tag:: It’s always about the witty little taglines with you isn’t it? Well, you can’t have one this time.

Subject: 10 x 10 and Wordcount – Jonathan J. Harris makes some very interesting web sites.
Tag:: All the news that’s fit to click.

Subject: Internation Networks Archive – INA is a project initiated by Professor Miguel Angel Centeno of Princeton University yada yada yada he makes really cool infographics.
Tag:: Ooo, oo oo! Oo. More maps! Yay.

Subject: The first 100 Strong Bad emails on a DVD. How do they do the easter eggs I wonder. It’s 3 DVD’s so it can’t just be a DVD-ROM with all the flash movies.
Tag:: <sings>Christmas is coming …</sings>
Link:: via

Subject: How the internet affects and is affected by exclusion politics. By William Davies, author of You Don’t Know Me, but… Social Capital & Social Software.
Tag:: This one is for Lucky. OK, it’s really for me, but he’d probably get off on it.

Subject: The Register presents for your enjoyment: New Democrat Outreach Program
Tag:: Reach out and sneer

Subject: In which a company proposes to set up a system where people use P2P to stream music over the interent. The company proposes to insert advertising into the stream to cover the streaming radio costs mandated by the lapdogs in Washington. The company proposes that people use the system to gather music over a P2P network. Legally.
Tag:: This would be pretty sweet.

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