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Stupid RSS feeds

A trimmed a bunch of RSS feeds yesterday. I am adding 2 more today. Pheh. Downhill Battle and SIVACRACY.NET: Siva Vaidhyanathan’s Weblog
. I ditched a bunch of peace/anti-war stuff for some anti-Copyright. Let them die, as long as software patents die with them! Umm. Anyway.

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The Diebold Variations

Inspired by an image of Stalin voting, Rand Careaga presents, for your viewing pleasure, The Diebold Variations

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An interesting idea: instead of looking at the species that went extinct when that big ol’ asteroid hit 60 million years ago, look at the ones that survived. Check to see if they have any modern cousins and figure out how bad the temperature drop was from what we know about their environmental tolerances. Interesting conclusion.

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