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The wailing of voices, wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth.

OK, I thought it was clear the left-leaning rags were supposed to be firmly against “Big Business” and strongly for the “little guy” – although not, as history has shown, in any sort of positive libertarian get-gov’t-the-hell-out-of-my-face way. Still I guess it was too much to expect a major media delivery system do stick to it’s good-of-society principles when it comes to copyright. Oh, and Mr Naurgiad? This is how it should be done. Pricks.

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BBC – ID cards: an iCan briefing

The BBC has produced a pretty decent summary page of the issues surrounding the proposed UK ID card. I mean it’s a load of crap to believe that a government IT project can be delivered on time, on budget, on target and with any degree of faith that it won;t grow into a festering wound. An all-party committee delivered a pretty damning report and the best Blunkett good extract from it was “Hey, they didn’t say I was as evil as Satan – they obviously love the idea” (what they said was that he was “almost” as evil as Satan). OK, they didn’t actually say that but you get my point.

Leave a Comment – Polish Cabinet Against Software Patents

Sure they were part of the coalition of the misled, but they helped kill software patents in Europe. Go go Poland!

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Google Scholar

Stand on the shoulders of giants.” A google search for journals and citations.

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New Scientist Article: Clouds of pollution pictured from space�

These somewhat disturbing pictures of pollution on a massive scale led me to the NASA Earth Observatory project.

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GOP Pushes Rule Change to Protect DeLay’s Post

Republican’s are showing once again that they view themselves as above the law and deeply, intensely, corrupt.

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