Wired News: Researchers: Florida Vote Fishy

This is just another tale of woe. Sure, for the most part, voting with electronic devices went well, but as far as I am concenred, worse than if people had voted on paper. What sort of catastrophe has to happen before the agencies in charge of the elections realize that for-profit companies are _not_ the kind of organization you want controlling voting? They have a vary strong negative incentive to admit that anything went wrong, let alone actually fix anything. Open source, open hardware, a (machine & human) readable print-out that gets put into a ballot box by the voter for hand recounts. What is so hard about that? It seems _obvious_ to me. It is completely incomprehensible to me how anyone can say with a straight face that the source should be closed. And no paper trail? Hello? No justification. None at all. Zero, zip, zilch.

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