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School orders boy to cover his T-shirt

A yes, a t-shirt saying “The Real Terrorist Is In The Whitehouse” is disruptive. Yup

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The new Chinese counterfeit game

It seems that Chinese counterfeiters are filing utility or design patents for the products they are counterfeiting. The idea is to force extra delays in the convoluted legal process required of foreign entities to claim infringement. 100 years ago this would have happened in the US, but back then the US deliberately ignored foreign IP claims so none of this trickery was necessary.

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Persistent coughs melt away with chocolate

Why am I eating this chocolate bar? Why, because I have a nasty cough. Doubting Mustapha! On a related note, the New Scientist article ID is going to roll over into 9 digits soon. I wonder what 99999999 will be.

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Only One Third of Americans Say Evidence Has Supported Darwin’s Evolution Theory

Yup, that’s right. Dumb as posts.

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Planet Simpson – Axed & Other Notes

Yeah, so I no longer appreciate Radiohead … well their management anyway, I sure hope Thom Yorke writes this guy a cheque. OK, I forgive them, it is totally not their fault, but sheesh!

Leave a Comment / Comment & analysis – A natural experiment by James Boyle

That bastion of leftwing anti-business commie pinko liberalism The Financial Times has an article on how well thought out US copyright policy really is. Linked to from boingboing if the link dies.

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The Pirate Captain’s Log

No scatalogical Star Trek jokes please. Anyway, it’s really pretty funny and there is also a book. Yes, I know it’s a Live Journal, forgive them father, they know not what they do.

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