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Natural born killers

Don’t trust a southpaw

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5ives: Merlin’s Lists of Five Things

Is gud yah.

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Justice Dept. memo redefines acts of torture

Very strange news out of the US. The Justice department has just released an official memo with a realistic definition of torture, and when discussing what circumstances or authorities might allow for torture states: “consideration of the bounds of any such authority would be inconsistent with the president’s unequivocal directive that United States personnel not engage in torture.”

I wonder what Rummy, Dick, and George think of such shockingly librul ideas.

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Biotech companies fight generic genetics

And they use a patheticallyt overburdened and dysfunctional US PTO to do it. (and just in case that fails, they want biotech generics to be much more stricttly regulated than non-biotech generics)

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The Graphing Calculator Story

Oh, that’s a great story!

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Acupuncture works to relieve arthritis pain: study

Excellent news. 570 patients were given drugs and one of:

  • acupuncture
  • fake acupuncture
  • a self-help pain management course

“By week eight, patients receiving true acupuncture began showing a significant increase in function and by week 14 a significant decrease in pain, compared to those in the other groups,” Berman’s team reported in the Dec. 21 issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine.

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McFarlane files for Chapter 11

He’s such a dick

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The making of the terror myth

So apparently you want to watch The Power of Nightmares

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Libel Suit Takes Aim at Print Reporter’s Words on TV

A reporter for the Boston Herald writes an article about a judge who told a fourteen year old rape victim to get over it and goes on The O’Reilly Factor confirming it. Except now it turns out that it’s likely the judge never said any such thing. Did you know that for a public figure to successfully sure for libel, they have to prove reckless disregard for the truth?

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I Am A Conservative Christian, And The Religious Right Scares Me, Too

Oh, really?

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