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Quebec may change the way we vote

It seems they are proposing to add allocate 40% of seats via proportional representation. I wonder if they’ll and IRV or Condorcet for the other 60%.

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New Scientist – Virtual island sells for $26,500 in cyber assets

Right, so now he owns a virtual island and plans to sell off assets. Except Project Entropia has a 10:1 cash exchange with US dollars. So I wonder what the real world tax bill is going to be. Is it in escrow until he pulls it out? Like you don’t pay capital gains on stock until you sell?

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New Scientist updated their website

It’s chock full o’ stuff.

New Scientist’s website has just had a major upgrade. You’ll now find hugely expanded coverage of all the most fascinating issues in science and technology. News is reported as it happens. Our new special reports each come complete with a unique expert guide. And you can now search our vast online archive for free. You’ll also be able to access the entire print dition of New Scientist online. I think you’ll find the new site remarkably simple to use, as all stories are grouped into 10 easy-to-navigate subjects.

Of course, they still hide stuff under a premium login but there is more outside now. And if you pay, you have access to the whole shebang. Pretty decent. Feel free to give me an account for 1 year as a Christmas present.

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More Millau Viaduct

An write-up with an excellent north-facing pic instead of the usual south-facing ones.

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Google News cannot hold they smoke, dat’s what it is.

OK, that isn’t the problem. The problem is rapid copyright protection lawyers. Perhaps this will calm them down.

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Prepping to Pull the Plug on GPS

REPORTER: President Bush? There are still some people who don’t think you’re a dick. Are you working on that?

SHRUB: Yeah, I reckon that tellin’ everyone that we’ll be shuttin’ down that thar GPS doohickie, and also them European and Russian ones too whenever we feel like it, well, that’ll rile some feathers.

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Scientists find new Indian monkey

More monkey!

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New Scientist – Some people are ‘immune’ to exercise

I’d go for a walk, but really, why bother?

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Wired News: Sleep Disorders Traced to Genes

I don’t have to get up early, it’s bad for me, my doctor said so.

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