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The making of the terror myth

So apparently you want to watch The Power of Nightmares

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Libel Suit Takes Aim at Print Reporter’s Words on TV

A reporter for the Boston Herald writes an article about a judge who told a fourteen year old rape victim to get over it and goes on The O’Reilly Factor confirming it. Except now it turns out that it’s likely the judge never said any such thing. Did you know that for a public figure to successfully sure for libel, they have to prove reckless disregard for the truth?

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I Am A Conservative Christian, And The Religious Right Scares Me, Too

Oh, really?

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A.C.L.U. Hypocrisy

Oh, just read the damned thing.

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Canadian ‘iPod tax’ illegal, judge rules

A Canadian MP3 player christmas present. Thanks, Judge Noël.

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Music biz threatens International Red Cross

Your friends and mine, the international music cartels are acting their usual loving selves

Michael Speck of Australia’s Music Industry Piracy Investigations said: “We’re preparing our approach to the International Red Cross. I believe this whole thing will come as a complete surprise to them, and we’re only approaching them to stop them disposing of any funds.”
Speck expressed his hope that the Red Cross would co-operate, adding: “It would be incredibly disappointing if we had to sue them.”

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Revolt looms in ID cards debate

Riiiight. In an article talking about back-bench revolts against the UK ID card scheme, new Home Secretary Chalres Clarke utters this gem: ‘[the schem is a] profoundly civil libertarian measure because it promotes the most fundamental civil liberty in our society – which is the right to live free from fear crime and fear.’
And fear! Don’t forget fear! Are you afraid yet? Grrr! Terrorists! Grr!

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