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PaulMartinTime .ca: a public resource on Canada’s Prime Minister

Just in case, you know, really don’t like Paul Martin.


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What If…

A plethora of possibilities.

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Rwanda remembers the Holocaust

On the 60th anniversary of the Russian liberation of Auschwitz, people all over the world remembered. One of the most poignant was in Rwanda where they are still trying to come to terms with their own genocide.

Now a phrase bandied about is “Never Again” but I was trying to think of an actual timely intervention that stopped a genocide from happening. I mean Darfur has been festering for several years now, and we got to Bosnia late as well. Can you think of one that the world actually did right?

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The Lock Busters

People who pick locks.

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Nepal shuts down Tibetan offices

Because when you are small and right next door, and Beijing’s ambassador to the country last year thanked the government for, in his words, “never allowing any anti-China activities” on Nepali soil, well then stuff happens

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BBC NEWS | World | Americas | Colombia, Venezuela resolve row

There has been a kiss-and-make-up session over this.

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Cop wins RCMP settlement after highway search

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