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Hey Kim. I didn’t realize what you were talking about.

You may all now rush out and purchase whatever goods & services are reuqired to allow me to see it in all it’s unfettered glory.

David Hyde Pierce, Tim Curry, Hank Azaria. Written by Eric Idle. Yes please.

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defective yeti

defective yeti:

“Movie that I got on DVD and didn’t watch for weeks because I was scared that it would be awful and ruin my fond childhood memories of it, but was actually was pretty good: Ghostbusters.

Movie I Watched On Dvd That Inspired The Aforementioned Dread By Actually Being Awful And Fond-Memory Ruinous: Tron.”

I so walked down that road. Yrch.

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Gotta Get My Stuff Done

See, I can’t really relate to this.

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Fox Searchlab : Farm Sluts

This is funny.

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Software Patents Withdrawn from the Agenda of the Council of Agriculture and Fisheries at Poland’s Request

Sometimes I am such an idiot. Sorry I didn’t link to it last year. On a related note:
Thank you, Poland!

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“Not The Net” Net Satire Magazine Contents

Good content there. Worth the travel.

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