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The Command Line In 2004

Neal Stephenson – In The Beginning Was The Command Line. The annotated version.

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Hertford, home of the Holy Grail

A very interesting report on someone who the Vatican is ready to apologize to: the Grand Master of the Knights Templar.

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Blog Plasma & MusicPlasma

John Battelle proposes a blog version of MusicPlasma. Which is a seriously cool tool. And needs to be combined with that AllMusic thing I could have sworn I linked to but apparently didn’t. (Click on “exlpore by …” in the left column and then move your mouse over the spidery image at the top of the new page)

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Googleable unsecured webcams

This link is really more for me than anything else.

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more on sleep

It seems I am still an adolescent.

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Instant Detox

A drug cocktail taken under anaesthesia is reported to allow opiate addicts to avoid withdrawal sysmptoms. The article is by the same guy who reported on The Coca Plant That Wouldn’t Die

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Banks scramble as charities take credit-card hit

Well, some pleasant news about Canadian banks for a change: “More than a week after tsunamis devastated South Asia, Canada’s major banks scrambled yesterday to reassure the public that they will not profit from record charitable contributions to the relief effort.”

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Rude awakening to missile-defense dream

So the US already spends 10 times as much every year on a missile defense program that has never, ever, successfully completed a test than it does on all Customs and Border security (go go War on Terror Rah Rah!). Over Christmas, the Russians successfully tested a new kind of ICBM. One that is designed specifically to counteract the failed US program. So even if they do get it working, it will be too late.

My feeling about military technology is that offense is easier than defense and will be for the forseeable future. Two quotes that are relevant:

“The best defense is a good offense”
“The best way to win a battle is to win it before it is ever fought”

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