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For carlonoess

In which our fearless readers are presented with links. And context!
The Law of Monkey – an examination of social grouping phenomena and the de-anthropomorphication of individuals outside your tribal threshold.
It’s not only the performance, it’s the luxury – a clever way to sell your car.
Some time ago, I gestured mildy in this direction* and at another time I waved over here. Jonathan Harris is a man who could appreciate that. He is developing very interesting new ways of presenting information.

* Really cool literature and film relational exploration tool.

Information UI Presentation 10×10 wordcount

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Underwater threat ‘returns’

This is obviously the work of the GGLF.
Conspiracy Theories Funny

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OMB Watch – Congress Votes to Waive All Laws for Homeland Security

The title up there says it all – read ’em and weep.
Conspiracy Theories Politics Rights

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The Daytona Beach News-Journal: Entertainment

When newspaper writing about tv is funny.

Funny Sci-Fi Media
And no, I am not unaware of the fact that the tags come close to outweighing the content in this here post. Live with it, tags are like XML, they bloats things but make manipulation easier.

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Links of Interest

Obviously this whole work thing is interfering with postage. On a related note, funding has been delivered for the new Lappy 486 – I will be able to post more frequently from the privacy of my own laptop.

Wired News: Young Blood Makes Muscles Spry
Wired News: Cookies Get a Pass in Congress
Wired News: More Watchful, Probably Not Safer | 02/16/2005 | 145,000 Americans’ identity data stolen
Wired News: No Protection for Bloggers


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Short films from sundance

And today, we come up with another tag:

Content Film

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Green Consumer Guide – Environmental News and Products

Money makes the world go ’round – so Buy Green.
Environment Business

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