They’re coming for me – aaiiieeee!

Quebec may tax junk food and from MediaScout

The Citizen and the Post report that Alberta Health Minister Iris Evans wants her province to be the first to give tax breaks for gym memberships or recreational activities. The Post runs an Edmonton Journal comment piece that praises Evans: “Attacking the problem from the front end, where prevention can actually save some money, makes far more sense than pouring money endlessly into the bottomless pit of acute care.” The Citizen runs a brief focusing on the Alberta premier’s response: Ralph Klein is apparently a “gym rat,” and he heartily approves of the idea. MediaScout wonders at the quality of the gyms in Alberta, given Mr. Klein’s, um, girth, but still, the idea is a good one. Too bad they thought of it in BC first:
on Thursday, the Victoria Times Colonist reported that former cabinet minister Christy Clarke is planning on tabling a private member’s bill so that parents can receive tax breaks on all extracurriculars for their kids. Now, this is the kind of provincial rivalry MediaScout likes to see. The West is leading the way—will the rest of the nation be up to the challenge?

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