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AI Seduces Stanford Students

AI Seduces Stanford Students

 Researchers at Stanford University’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab strapped 69 student volunteers into an immersive, 3-D virtual-reality rig, where test subjects found themselves sitting across the table from a “digital agent” — a computer-generated man or woman — programmed to deliver a three-minute pitch advocating a notional university security policy requiring students to carry ID whenever they’re on campus.
 The anthropomorphic cyberhuckster featured moving lips and blinking eyes on a head that nodded and swayed realistically. But unbeknownst to the test subjects, the head movements weren’t random. In half the sessions, the computer was programmed to mimic the student’s movements exactly, with a precise four-second delay; if a test subject tilted her head thoughtfully and looked up at a 15-degree angle, the computer would repeat the gesture four seconds later.

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Romance novel covers

Slightly modified

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Abusing Amazon images

Abusing Amazon images can lead to this. I think “Shiny” reminds me of the CBC logo.

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Loverboy – Everybody’s Working For The Weekend

He’s funny.

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