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Cannes Lions Live 2005

For your viewing pleasure

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information aesthetics weblog

information aesthetics weblog. In which our hero subscribes to yet another feed. (Having recently unsubbed John Battelle’s Searchblog – sorry John, no offense – because the most interesting articles are linked to by Tim Bray, Jeremey Zawodny, or Jon Udell).

When TBird reache 1.1 and all of my extensions work again I will upgrade and post a copy of my OPML over there to the right.

Oh, calm down now, I am sure you can wait.

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The Neilgaimonicon

When Neil innocently allowed the untrammeled masses to translate his journal, little did he realize the nature of the unspeakable horror that he has awoken.

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Michael Geist – The Telus Blockade and the Law

Michael Geist – The Telus Blockade and the Law

Not only does the Telus action seemingly contradict the terms and spirit of the Telecommunications Act, but it also runs contrary to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Although Telus is a private company, surely all companies whether private or public ought to respect the fundamental principles of the Charter. Section 2(b) of the Charter provides that everyone has “freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication.” The Supreme Court of Canada ruled in Ford v. Attorney General (Quebec) that freedom of expression extends beyond the speaker to the listener, who also has an interest in freedom of expression. So too here: the website enjoys freedom of expression as do the million Telus customers who may want to read this particular expression.

Oh, you gots some ‘splainin’ to do!

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BBC NEWS | Technology | Downloading ‘myths’ challenged

BBC NEWS | Technology | Downloading ‘myths’ challenged

The study found that regular downloaders of unlicensed music spent an average of £5.52 a month on legal digital music.

This compares to just £1.27 spent by other music fans.

“The research clearly shows that music fans who break piracy laws are highly valuable customers,” said Paul Brindley, director of The Leading Question.

Just in case you were wondering why the **AA go after these profligate spenders.

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news @ – News Feature: Deity of disease – A small group of scientists argues that one organelle is the silent cause of the body’s decline i

news @ – News Feature: Deity of disease – A small group of scientists argues that one organelle is the silent cause of the body’s decline into disease. Charlotte Schubert surveys the realm of ‘mitochondriacs’.

in recent months, solid research from various labs showing that mice age rapidly when their mitochondria are damaged and that protecting mitochondria can extend lifespan

No, Mr. Lucas, it says mitochondria, not midichlorians.

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Accommodation and tours in Australia – NTFAQ

Scroll down to the Not too frequently asked questions. – A Lucky Find.™

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