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The Globe and Mail: Canadians want strict security, poll finds


62 per cent of respondents believe Canada should give the U.S. ‘any information they request about Canadian citizens whom they suspect of being terrorists.’

No, really. Aaah! Where do they find these people? What questions do they ask? “If the American governement suspects someone of being a terrorist, should Canadian intelligence agencies assist them in their inquiries?” or “Should American investigators have direct access to all of our intelligence or should we only give it to them when they ask?”


How about:
“Given that the American government has shown over and over again that it lies, does not handle information securely, and has demonstrated that it does not care about Canada or Canadians – if some under-trained paranoid agent below the border thinks that a normal Canadian is a terrorist because he once visited a country in Asia should we immediately turn that Canadian over to the Americans so he can be illegally tortured in a secret prison camp?”

I bet only 57% would agree with that question.

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