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Ribbons, Sheets and the Nanofuture

WorldChanging mentions the news that UT Dallas & the Australian CSIRO have invented a process to manufacture strong, stable macroscale sheets and ribbons of multiwall nanotubes at a rate of seven meters per minute. They lead of the article with

This is likely the biggest technological breakthrough of the year, arguably even of the decade.It may not be hyperbole, this may well rank up there with the transistor or the laser.

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Brazil Doesn’t Believe in British Cover-Up

The Naurgiad has more on the Menendez affair. Key points:

  • The Independent Police Complaints Commission said thatthe officers involved in Menezes’s death could face criminal or disciplinary proceedings, and that the commission would not publish its report until any such proceedings were complete.
  • When asked about the possibilities of a police cover-up, Brazilian Ambassador Manoel Gomes Pereira told reporters: "No, at this point, no. … At the moment, we don’t have any reason whatsoever to assume that.’"
  • Police also face criticism that they initially resisted an independent investigation, something the force denies.

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