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Eric Kobet

I don’t know if you have seen Eric’s Tainted Donuts anime mash-up of Trigun vs the gentlemen from Cowboy Bebop, but if you like either of them or (better) both, you owe yourself the download.

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Of Blogs & Printing Presses.

So an idiot at Forbes magazine writes a spurious and legally incorrect article on the evils of blogs. At which point a kind gentleman from the EFF stepped up and keyed in this missive. via BoingBoing.

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Biomimicry For Green Design (A How-To)

Yes, yet another link to an interesting article at Worldchanging. In this one they present an excellent introduction to Biomimicry For Green Design (A How-To).

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Copyfight vs beating on ID. Tough choice.

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Republicans, your friends and mine! Oh, wait, you wanted to vote? Sorry, gotta go.

Bitch Ph.D. points out a display of brotherly love: “The House of Representatives is/was supposed to vote today on H.R. 1461, the Housing Finance Reform Act. It supports creation of affordable housing. Good, right? Well, there’s a little provision that’s been tacked on by the Republican Study Committee to disqualify non-profits from applying for that money if they’ve engaged in any voter participation activities in the previous year–including non-partisan registering of voters. In other words, this provision ties funding low-income housing to suppressing low-income voting. “

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I’m not a fan of Rubert Murdoch, but his lackeys have some cool tech.

So I was browsing one of Declan’s posts over at (no cookies! no cookies! aagh!) and I saw something pretty cool. To the right of the post (if you have javascript enabled) there is a little embedded flash app that shows a web of related stories. It’s developed by a company called Liveplasma and I like it. Much like I like other innovative UI/information tools. And speaking of Newsmap (you did click on that last link there didn’t you?), we come back full circle to c|Net.

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Seed Magazine: Leonardos and the Science Renaissance

Seed Magazine is back, and pior to their site launch, they have a taste up at their corporate site. They have posted the results of survey on american attitudes towards science that they have called Leonardos and the Science Renaissance. In addition to Seed being an excellent magazine, another interesting note is that their new logo in the upper right corner was designed by one of my dream-boats, Jonathan Harris. No, not Colin “Bomber” Harris.

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