My Wish List

I am so happy, they have finally added a “Like-to-have” priority for items on your Amazon wish list.



  1. Tony said

    And you celebrate by setting the priority for all 177 items a 3- Like To Have ?

  2. Pacanukeha said

    Nah, I celebrate by ignoring it and leaving them all at the default.

  3. Keeem said

    Items 21 and 22 would be better replaced with O’Reilly’s DHTML Reference Guide (my bible)… Sitepoints designing without tables (css ref) is okay, but the OR DHTML guide is all anyone really needs. Covers JS, CSS, HTML, and DOM. It was just recently updated too :)

  4. Pacanukeha said

    This post has been removed by the author.

  5. Pacanukeha said

    Recently? The most recent version I see on the O’Reilly site is this one which is 2002.

    Which one are you talking about?

  6. Keeem said

    Ok, “recently” is relative. That’s the one… 2nd edition (1st was in 98). It’s the biggest time saver of a book there is for web imho :)

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