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The Globe and Mail: Ottawa can eavesdrop on Canadians under law

Without a court order or warrant and with little to no oversight. Huh. Bastards. Why do the media is this country act like lapdogs? Why did I only hear about this after a similar disclosure was made in the US about a secret presidential directive? This is a Law for God’s sake. Pathetic.

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CBC News: Suspected CIA flight landed at Gander: report

Now this is something that Jim Harris (if he were allowed to attend) or Layton could make good mileage out of, if the debates weren’t so crippling boring.

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Portable stereo’s creator got his due, eventually – Americas – International Herald Tribune

I did not know this.

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The Chronic-What-cles of Narnia

The stories are good, the video is amusing, but more importantly, it appears that there are now stores that can provide large quantities of freshly baked cupcakes!

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Happy Chrismahanukwanzakah!

That is all. Personally, I get more amusement out of saying “Christmahanzakwanukkah” but hey, I’m in a givin’ kind of mood. Oh, and if you feel like watching a commercial, here you go. I have a vague recollection of seeing a different one that I liked more. I’ll see if I can scare it up.

While you wait, I give you a Lion Documentary

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Doonesbury on ID

Yesterday’s Doonesbury give an excellent kick in the nards to anti-evolutionists.

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$12,000 bill forgiven, Rogers will come to tea

The Globe and Mail is reporting on the story of a woman who’s cell phone was stolen and whose next bill was more than $12,000. Her provider, Rogers, refused to do anything about the calls and started adding interest charges and other late fees. Money quote:

Ms. Drummond and Mr. Gefen also learned that Rogers has fraud-detection software that automatically alerts them to dramatic changes in calling patterns, but often “lets the meter run” instead of protecting customers by shutting down phones that have been misappropriated, as Ms. Drummond’s was.
Mr. Gefen, a technology journalist, uncovered those secrets by attending a fraud forum in Toronto last September, where he tape-recorded a conversation with Cindy Hopper, a Rogers security official who was apparently unaware that she was speaking with an aggrieved customer.

Long story short, charges removed from bill, CEO will go and have tea with couple.
These are the batards that bought my cell company. How annoying.

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Diebold CEO Wally O’Dell cleans out his desk

Dancing in the streets! Major kudos to Brad.

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MEPs vote for mandatory data retention | The Register

This directive was pushed through in 3 months from start-to-finish of the process. It is a draconian, expensive, pointless, over-reaching, deeply-flawed, and sure to be abused piece of legislation. The blame can be laid squarely at Tony Blair’s feet. Read ’em and weep.

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Bush Authorized Domestic Spying

Bush grabbing power is no surprise. The money quote:

The Times said it held off on publishing its story about the NSA program for a year after administration officials said its disclosure would harm national security.

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