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Firefox Extensions — TagUtil

Oh yeah, and the tag links in the post below were generated with the TagUtil extension and an import of my tags. See google? I have to use the enemy. Can you say categories?

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DevilDucky – Fatboy Slim: The Joker

I have more than 300 Boingboing entries, more than 100 Slashdots and if there was a Homestarruner feed I would be behind on that too. Meanwhile, for your entertainment I present kittens

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“the beginning of the end”

I wonder, do those who are on the threshold of a new era ever *know* it? This could be a shot in the dark….. or not….

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Digital film: Industry answers

I’m pretty sure that the MPAA respondant would not have mentioned the rsearch result that Lavinia Carey from the British Video Association did

UK research shows that, on average, downloaders are film fans who view the same number of legitimate films (cinema, rented and bought DVDs) as the average active DVD consumer

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Boing Boing: Canadian Red Cross wastes its money harassing video game makers

It seems that the Canadian Red Cross does not approve of video games using a red cross icon to represent a health-up. Yes, they are certainly making the most out of your charity dollar aren’t they.

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It turns out that he never even finished his journalism degree

Much fooforaw about a 24 year old Bush appointee in the NASA public relations department censoring senior scientists and their publications.

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Crooked Timber » » I’m offended

So true, so true. In addition, I would like to mention that I support the local sports team.

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