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Just for kicks

Install Open Office, then launch Calc, then in an empty cell enter the text =game() and press return. Then enter the text =game(“StarWars”) and press return.

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In which a clearly unethical and probably illegal act is taken

Of course you are all as irritated by RIMs $600+ million settlement with NTP as I am, especially given the USPTO’s unusual announcement that they have found all of NTP’s patents to be invalid and that they believe that none of them will stand up on appeal. Especially since the NTP patents were clearly pre-dated by a Norwegian patent dating from the late 80’s. And now, it turns out, that a guy named Geoff Goodfellow published a discription of wireless email back in the early 80s but didn’t try for a patent since he considered the idea to be obvious. Anyway, during the trial NTP paid him 20k to be a consultant and one of the terms of the contract was an NDA that prevented him from talking to RIM or the court.

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Movie-Plot Threat Contest

Bruce Schneier has announced a contest for his readers to come up with extravagant, terrible, terrifying, possible, but bloody unlikely terrorist attack scenarios – what he calls "movie-plot" scenarios. It won't make any difference because he is mostly preaching to the choir but there always a chance that someone in a position of influence will the entries and decide to spend DHS money on preventing real threats rather than wasting money on high-profile programs that are designed merely to make the public at large feel more secure. Of course what is most likely to happen is that a cool entry will be passed around, end up on some desk and then millions of dollars later somebody will get a pat on the back and be told that they are doing a "heck of a job".

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