Plames sue Cheney. Rove,Libby over leak. Strangely enough, I am not dancing in the streets.

More about the story on Google News. I am not sure how I feel about this. Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald has issues with bringing these people to criminal trial over what was clearly an overt attempt to subvert the populace into supporting the war on Iraq. I think they were wrong to do what they did. At the same time, I am hesitant to allow civil suits to go ahead against current executive members of government while they are still in power. After they have left governement, go ahead, fire at will. The reason I have some concern about this is that I believe that if the trial does go ahead then it will subsequently be used against people whose policies I agree with. And probably abused. I believe that before lawsuits of this nature could proceed the plaintiffs would have to show urgent cause that the suit could not be delayed and that serious, irrevocable harm would come to them without the suit. Any time they do something, you have to ask yourself “What would I say if it was my guy doing this?” Any time a tool is used against your enemy, you need to ask yourself “how will the enemy use this against me?” Let’s be clear on one thing – I do believe that these people are my enemy. I have as little in common with them as I do with other, more traditional enemies such as terrorists, organized criminals, or authoritarians of any stripe.


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  1. Nudecybot said

    I think this is the longest post you have ever written. Awesome. And you make an excellent point that civil suits during tenure would be distracting and destabilizing – perhaps not in the general public interest. Which raises an important rhetorical question…what on earth are these guys doing bringing civil suits upon themselves? So while I agree we should not turn lawyers into political weapons, we should hardly let politicians be above the law.

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