W00t! My first comment spam here at wordpress. I feel like a grown up woman now.

Sometime back in 2002 I linked to CrazyMacRumors [sp.]. I used the link text “Welcome Nude Readers” – probably because I got the link from GMSV and that was what they used and it was (a) apropos and (b) amusing. I imagine that it was the choice of words that resulted in that buried post being targeted. But, but, I just used the n-word again. Oh nos!

[update] – Huh, it turns out that I have recieved 4(four) comment spams since migrating but 3 were automagically detected and removed by Akismet. Take that spammers! *flexes*

[son of update] – Damn, that CMR site is funny.  Check it out.  No, seriously, check it out.


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