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I cannot understand them

I thought it was all about the money. But I can’t see where money enters into it. What motivates American politicians to legalize torture, remove the right to due process, strip the US Supreme Court of appelate jurisdiction, authorizing unsupervized wire-tapping, and overturn the Magna Carta? It frightens me greatly that the political party in charge of my country is a willing lap-dog to that regime.

It is behaviour like this that makes me think that the framers of the US Constitution knew what they were doing when they included the 2nd amendment.

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The Democrats’ Da Vinci Code – David Sirota on how the Dem’s can win.

Posted to American Prospect Online David Sirota outlines how Democrat’s can overcome their appearance of empty counter-Republicanism. His advice is simple – study Democrats who win consistantly in consistantly Republican areas. He examines a Montana governor, a North Dakota representative and sundry others and comes up with 7 key themes:

  • Fight the Class War
  • Champion Small Business Over Big Business
  • Protect Tom Joad (See above, family farms vs. agri-business)
  • Turn the Hunters and the Exurbs Green
  • Become a Teddy Roosevelt Clone (tough on crime a.k.a. fighting white-collar crime, big-business rip-offs, and corporate misbehaviour)
  • Clean Up Government (and actually mean it)
  • Use the Values Prism (translate policy and ideaology into values

Go get ’em tigers!

PS. I ain’t holding my breath, especially if they let American Torture Approval and Boycott Of Your Rights (Ata boy) Act go through. Sure, even the Russian Czars poo-poo’ed torture, and even Louis XIV respected Habeas, but the are *Republicans* in the 21st century. And the mantra lately has been “I haven’t read that report” so we can imagine that they haven’t read any history either.

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Two other links for you to follow in the case of the Tripoli Six

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Free the Tripoli Six

Libya wishes to execute 5 Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor. They are accused and convicted of deliberatly infecting more than 400 children with HIV. The reality is that hospital procedures and conditions in Libya are to blame, and that they are innocent victims of a government’s shameful attempt to conceal its own incompetance and deadly fiscal mismanagement.

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