The Democrats’ Da Vinci Code – David Sirota on how the Dem’s can win.

Posted to American Prospect Online David Sirota outlines how Democrat’s can overcome their appearance of empty counter-Republicanism. His advice is simple – study Democrats who win consistantly in consistantly Republican areas. He examines a Montana governor, a North Dakota representative and sundry others and comes up with 7 key themes:

  • Fight the Class War
  • Champion Small Business Over Big Business
  • Protect Tom Joad (See above, family farms vs. agri-business)
  • Turn the Hunters and the Exurbs Green
  • Become a Teddy Roosevelt Clone (tough on crime a.k.a. fighting white-collar crime, big-business rip-offs, and corporate misbehaviour)
  • Clean Up Government (and actually mean it)
  • Use the Values Prism (translate policy and ideaology into values

Go get ’em tigers!

PS. I ain’t holding my breath, especially if they let American Torture Approval and Boycott Of Your Rights (Ata boy) Act go through. Sure, even the Russian Czars poo-poo’ed torture, and even Louis XIV respected Habeas, but the are *Republicans* in the 21st century. And the mantra lately has been “I haven’t read that report” so we can imagine that they haven’t read any history either.

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