I cannot understand them

I thought it was all about the money. But I can’t see where money enters into it. What motivates American politicians to legalize torture, remove the right to due process, strip the US Supreme Court of appelate jurisdiction, authorizing unsupervized wire-tapping, and overturn the Magna Carta? It frightens me greatly that the political party in charge of my country is a willing lap-dog to that regime.

It is behaviour like this that makes me think that the framers of the US Constitution knew what they were doing when they included the 2nd amendment.


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  1. Nudecybot said

    Wow. Anything that inspires you to write more than 20 words is worthy of comment. Of course it is about money, the currencies however are power, influence etc…

    The framers did know what they were doing of course, having fought against similar networks of power and influence which, once established, forget how they were entrusted or entitled thusly and transition to a mode of existence where they simply put all resources into maintaining and solidifying their power networks, despite the underlying evolutionary landscape (geography and environment) having changes significantly, rendering them maladaptaive relics of previous generations. Oh but they’ll go down with a bang. Fireworks, lots of pretty lights.

    But for us Canadians it is just a phase we’re going through right?

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