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Umm, where did my categories go?

It seems that in my absence wordpress has seen fit to modify their service in a manner that removed a whack of categories from the list that I can choose from. Including, amusingly enough, the default. I must look into this.

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Worldmapper: The world as you’ve never seen it before

Worldmapper: The world as you’ve never seen it before
Worldmapper is a collection of world maps, where territories are re-sized on each map according to the subject of interest.

And it is pretty damned cool. First complete post since my recovery from cat+water+glass+laptop+scared-of-loud-noises=silence gate.

So. How are you all/both? Still blogging? Good, good, pleased to hear it.

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links for 2007-01-03

Leave a Comment » Blog Archive » Public Domain Day 2007

Now in the public domain, the works of A. A. Milne, English author.

Step up all you Pooh-bear slash fic writers.

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links for 2007-01-02

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