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The policy makers at the Bank of Canada will not suffer the consequences of their actions.

The workers of Canada will.

As reported in Relentlessly Progressive Economics: Bank of Canada sends wrong signal, labour says

“The high dollar reflects some factors beyond our control, such as high energy and mineral prices, and a weak US dollar. However, the Bank of Canada can and does influence the exchange rate by setting our interest rates.

“Today’s clear signal that interest rates will be increased in the “near term” sends exactly the wrong signal to financial markets, and will stabilize or even increase the current exchange rate at an intolerably high level.

“Instead, the Bank of Canada should have said that the Canadian dollar is trading at too high a level and that interest rates will be cut if it does not fall.

“The Bank of Canada points to inflation slightly above the 2% target as a cause of concern, but this is mainly driven by booming housing prices in Alberta.

“Over the past year, real wages for hourly-paid workers have been flat, union wage settlements are barely matching inflation, and new job creation has been tilted to temporary and low-paid jobs in the lowest-paid parts of the private services sector.

“The Bank of Canada sees an economy at risk of over-heating. But the reality is a major ongoing loss of good jobs, poor quality new jobs, and stagnant wages. This is the reality which should have been addressed in today’s announcement.”

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Democracy +/vs. Capitalism

Who’s Afraid of Democracy? — In These Times:

But this argument puts Caplan in a precarious position. The consensus economic model that he subscribes to—and that forms the worldview of the economists that he cites as definitive—is grounded on the assumption that people are rational. Pull out that Jenga block and the edifice of Caplan’s economic worldview tumbles down with it: If people aren’t rational, there’s no reason to assume that they’ll respond predictably to incentives or market signals.

A very interesting article that talks about economists and their concern that the voting public will at almost every opportunity vote for proposals that the economists believe to be in direct opposition to the voters’ best interests. This raises the interesting conclusion that the market is the voters and if the voters don’t vote rationally then they won’t act rationally in the market and the market requires rational actors.
Interesting indeed. Market capitalism relies on rational thought and enlightened self-interest. Neither exists and therefor market capitalism must fail.

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Shameful and ignorant

Google says that gbombing has been fixed, but any attempt to link shameful and ignorant to the ongoing vitriol that spews from the mouths of the US Republican presidential candidates is fine by me.

Torture doesn’t work. Torture is wrong. Even if it is Jack Bauer doing the deed.

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