How can I remember something for next year when I have already forgotten what I did yesterday?

Chris Roberson’s Celestial Empire stories promise to amuse me – but they will not be available for some time and have no entry in Amazon’s catalogue so I can’t add them to my various wish lists. I keep a text file on my desktop to note down songs that I hear on galaxie or the odd internet radio station but I am not convinced that this is a generalizable solution – if I see a piece of fabric that I would like to tag as an appropriate colour for drapes, perhaps, or a trinket that would make someone a nice birthday present or a review of a wine I would like to try. I want an add-on for Firefox that interacts with a multimedia database in which I can store references and tag them. Thing is, I don’t want to tag this particular blog page of Chris Roberson. If I like the one book that is available (The Voyage of Night Shining White) I might add it to my list o’ feeds. What I want is to extract the author name and the book titles and add them to my list, along with a tentative date of Q1 2008 to revisit their availability. Certainly this post will be tagged and categorized but a blog, and a public one at that, is not the place for it.

How do you all externalize your failing memories?

This is being posted via the FirefoxDeepest Sender” add-on and as a primarily LJ-oriented product it wants me to tell you what I am listening to as I write this. Strangely enough, 2 Front Line Assembly songs: Victim of a Criminal and The Blade. I say strangely because my current song list is 156 songs long and on random shuffle. And I am not using an antiquated copy of Winamp whose concept of random was less than perfect. I am using Quodlibet on Ubuntu Feisty. It has 2 flaws: an inability to sort songs by the file creation/modification date and an obscure preference for Union of Knives – 11 songs of 156 that are played far more often than 7% of the time.

OK, it probably is 7%, but I have the whole *album* in the list and frankly albums contain much more weak music than strong. It’s the whole white-van-on-the-corner thing. Fine. Fine. I will remove everything except “Evil Has Never” and “I Decline”. Happy now? Sheesh.

Chatty today aren’t I?




  1. Marc said

    I use Google Notebook: it’s flexible, undemanding and responsive.

  2. pacanukeha said

    Looks interesting. Unfortunately I use Google Apps For Your Domain to hos – so I am logged in as and GAFYD doesn’t support Notebook. So I need to log in as to access GN. And that logs me out of GAFYD. Grrr.

  3. pacanukeha said

    Brilliant! Doesn’t use the same cookie. And it has a FF extension. You are a l33t internet hax0r!!ONE!

  4. Marc said

    The intarweb holds no secrets from me.

  5. pacanukeha said

    Oh yeah? Can your so-called “internet” tell you what I am eating right now?

  6. steenblogen said

    Betty Crocker Creamy Deluxe French Vanilla Frosting!?! YUM!!!

    It was nice to actually read you for a change…here’s to more like that one!


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