Saving Energy

Earlier I posted in a link that Blackle was now my new home page. Turns out that this would have made sense in 1995, but now that I am completely LCDelcicously displaying my stuff it is no longer relevant. nOnoscience has the details.

Back to igoogle then.


  1. lucky said

    I could have saved myself some energy if I’d read this post instead of immediately checking out Blackle after seeing it in your previous post, wondering about its history, reading its wiki entry, pausing on this:

    “The creators of Blackle have been criticised for lack of clarity regarding the type, size and manufacturer of monitor that the power usage claims refer to.[4] One critic, a technology journalist who reviews computer hardware, tested four cathode ray tube (CRT) monitors and four liquid crystal display (LCD) monitors, and found that power was saved by the CRT monitors, but was less than that claimed by the blog post that inspired Blackle. The LCD monitors tested showed increased power use, in all cases.”

    and returning here to chastise you. Serves me right for hyperlinking away before thoroughly perusing your sprinkled wisdom.

  2. pacanukeha said

    A lot of people suffer the same problem – at least you admit it and expose yourself to the radiant force that is this blog. Here. Have a cookie.

    Also, see this other thing I linked to.

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