Michael Geist – Here Comes the DMCA

Michael Geist – Here Comes the DMCA

No words of balance, no words of access – simply more protection led by copyright legislation. This suggests – consistent with most speculation – that a DMCA-style bill could be coming to Canada within a matter of weeks.

Can anyone think of any way to let the people in Heritage Canada know that they are wrong about how they are interpreting our WIPO obligations? And that kowtowing to American media interests is contrary to Canadian media interests and this explains why many Canadian artists and labels have disassociated themselves from the CRIA? And that the current system that we have that is showing world record growth in digital media purchases is not symptomatic of a market that needs changing? I had no idea that the MPs on the committee and civil servants in the department were such corporate shills. UN-fricking-believable that they and the privy council have the balls to ruin Canada this way.

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