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Where should I be?

In Johnson County. Perhaps waiting outside while she does this thing, for us, but more importantly for her. I don’t need to be there while it happens, she can do that on her own. I should be there as she walks out the door though, so the first thing she hears is me telling her how happy and grateful I am, and being there. Just being there.

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Why do I care?

Because they are our neighbours and the things they do affect me. Because my plastic scum of a Prime Minister enjoys parroting their failed memes and paradigms, 5 years after even *they* begin to realize that maybe these options aren’t such good ideas after all. Because the Declaration of Independance and the Bill of Rights are great documents and great ideals and it is painful to watch them being pissed on by short-sighted power-hungry ass-holes who stand against everything that they say they stand for.

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Senate Joins House in Caving to White House Immunity Demands | Electronic Frontier Foundation

Senate Joins House in Caving to White House Immunity Demands | Electronic Frontier Foundation
“We thank those senators who courageously opposed telecom immunity and vow to them, and to the American people, that the fight for accountability over the president’s illegal surveillance is not over,” said EFF Senior Staff Attorney Kurt Opsahl. “Even though Congress has failed to protect the privacy of Americans and uphold the rule of law, we will not abandon our defense of liberty. We will fight this unconstitutional grant of immunity in the courtroom and in the Congress, requesting repeal of the immunity in the next session, while seeking justice from the Judiciary. Nor can the lawless officials who approved this massive violation of Americans’ rights rest easy, for we will file a new suit against the government and challenge warrantless wiretapping, past, present and future.”

Here’s hoping that the EFF and ACLU can smack some sense into enough judges to get this tragedy of a law thrown out.

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My commute

Goodness me but this is turning into a regular livejournal isn’t it? The metro ride into work today was spent wondering if I knew where I was sleeping Friday night, and if I needed to brick up any metaphysical doorways. I doubt it, I really do, but I am a major doubter which is why I was wondering in the first place.

This isn’t a post, it’s a twitter entry.

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Why is this so funny?

I think this Penny Arcade comic is hilarious. It reminds me of the introduction to Larson’s Prehistory of the Farside where he describes his childhood with similar basement adventures and the “Find the cookie” game he plays with his mother. I really like the slightly confused expression on young Tycho’s face in the first panel. The exquisit description of the game in the second panel. The slightly worried expression on present day Gabe’s face as he voices your thoughts. If I had any criticism at all (and would I be me if I could’t find some flaw?) it would be that Tycho’s “Yeah, maybe.” is superfluous.

One of the things that enhanced this for me was that when I read the rules of the game I was immediately distracted by the prologue to Good Omens (no link necessary, we leave that as an exercise for the reader) and God playing poker so when I started to read Panel 2 I was even more jolted than if I hadn’t been distracted.

Confession: this context-jumping and conclusion-reaching happens all too often. Works fine in school, less than fine in a conversation. Now that I think about it, the chance of making a correct choice as a result is pretty much exactly reversed. What does that say about school versus real life? Or has my mind, along with my memory, degraded that much since university.

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A faint glimmer of hope in FISA delay

A faint glimmer of hope in FISA delay
“As you can see,” cackled House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer D-MD, “your netroots friends have failed. Now witness the surveillance power of this fully approved and operational FISA compromise”

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