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Why is this so funny?

I think this Penny Arcade comic is hilarious. It reminds me of the introduction to Larson’s Prehistory of the Farside where he describes his childhood with similar basement adventures and the “Find the cookie” game he plays with his mother. I really like the slightly confused expression on young Tycho’s face in the first panel. The exquisit description of the game in the second panel. The slightly worried expression on present day Gabe’s face as he voices your thoughts. If I had any criticism at all (and would I be me if I could’t find some flaw?) it would be that Tycho’s “Yeah, maybe.” is superfluous.

One of the things that enhanced this for me was that when I read the rules of the game I was immediately distracted by the prologue to Good Omens (no link necessary, we leave that as an exercise for the reader) and God playing poker so when I started to read Panel 2 I was even more jolted than if I hadn’t been distracted.

Confession: this context-jumping and conclusion-reaching happens all too often. Works fine in school, less than fine in a conversation. Now that I think about it, the chance of making a correct choice as a result is pretty much exactly reversed. What does that say about school versus real life? Or has my mind, along with my memory, degraded that much since university.

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Canadian Cynic: Compassionate conservatism for dummies.

Canadian Cynic: Compassionate conservatism for dummies.

It would be funny if it werent so awkwardly accurate.

Actually, it is funny.

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xkcd – Dangers

Died in a blogging accident. Because I am nothing if not a meme-whore.

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