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Concern as to the rights of “the media”

Today noted Pennsylvanian “G-man” Grolish expressed concern about Section 3 of the proposed constitutional amendment at Move to Amend. An interesting point and much depends on the designation of “the press”

This has been your daily political note from Pacanukeha Press.

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Science vs Religion

Religion requires faith. Science requires trust. Trust is earned and subject to revision, faith is not.

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So if there was no law …

“Toronto’s police chief is admitting there never was a five-metre rule that had people fearing arrest if they strayed too close to the G20 security perimeter.”

via The Globe and Mail – Police Admit Deliberately Misleading Public On Expanded Security Fence Law

My question is – since there was no law for the detentions are they not guilty of kidnapping for each of the 900 detainees?

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Over and done with.

Right. $1.2 billions spent, rights and reporters trampled, and vague promises of foolhardy economic policies proudly announced. I feel good about the G20 summit. You?

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Full text of Stephen Harper’s 1997 speech

Canada is a Northern European welfare state in the worst sense of the term, and very proud of it. Canadians make no connection between the fact that they are a Northern European welfare state and the fact that we have very low economic growth, a standard of living substantially lower than yours, a massive brain drain of young professionals to your country, and double the unemployment rate of the United States.In terms of the unemployed, of which we have over a million-and-a-half, don’t feel particularly bad for many of these people. They don’t feel bad about it themselves, as long as they’re receiving generous social assistance and unemployment insurance.

via CTV News.

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Quebec Assembly votes – Abortion ‘ambiguity’ must end

The Quebec legislature has taken aim at the Harper government over abortion and demanded a clear expression of support for a woman’s right to choose.With that, a debate that remained largely dormant in national politics for over two decades suddenly threatens to become a federal-provincial issue.Politicians on both sides of the legislature unanimously adopted, by a margin of 109-0, a pro-choice motion Wednesday.The motion demands that the federal government continue to respect free access to abortion, end its “ambiguity” on the issue and stop cutting funding to women’s groups that favour abortion.

via CBC News.

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CBC News – Montreal – Liberals urge extension of GG’s term

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff is calling for an extension to Gov. Gen. Michaëlle Jean’s five-year term as the Queen’s representative in Canada.

via CBC News – Montreal – Liberals urge extension of GG’s term.

I applauded her arrival, I will cheer her exit. The prorogue queen’s tenure should be up. Ignatieff’s desire for more of the same is a strong indicator that he, too, loves the idea of the imperial prime minister.

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On Citizenship

The CBC is reporting that Abousfian Abdelrazik, a Canadian stranded in Sudan is deemed a security risk, denied a passport.

I do not believe a government is just that can decide to restrict the ability of a citizen to return home.

Word of the day: Disgusted.

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