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So last December the Danish had something on the order of 150 heads of state in Copenhagen for the failed climate talks. I wonder how much the security bill for that was.

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So if there was no law …

“Toronto’s police chief is admitting there never was a five-metre rule that had people fearing arrest if they strayed too close to the G20 security perimeter.”

via The Globe and Mail – Police Admit Deliberately Misleading Public On Expanded Security Fence Law

My question is – since there was no law for the detentions are they not guilty of kidnapping for each of the 900 detainees?

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Over and done with.

Right. $1.2 billions spent, rights and reporters trampled, and vague promises of foolhardy economic policies proudly announced. I feel good about the G20 summit. You?

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Git yer fiscal conservatism here!

Step right up, step right up!

$2 million to create an artificial indoor lake and cottage backdrop inside a Toronto media centre for this month’s G8 and G20 summits.

via CBC News – Canada.

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Opinion: The Devil is in ACTA’s details

ACTA will require courts to consider a ‘lost sale analysis’ when assessing the amount of damages to be awarded for copyright infringement. This assesses damages on the basis that an infringement represents a loss of revenue from a transaction that otherwise would have happened, and the damage is the price of the good.


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eBay Inc. and Silver Lake Investor Group Settle Skype Litigation with Joltid Limited – Yahoo! Finance – Mozilla Firefox

As a result, Silver Lake and other investors including Andreessen Horowitz and the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board CPPIB, will together hold 56 percent of Skype and eBay will retain 30 percent.

via eBay Inc. and Silver Lake Investor Group Settle Skype Litigation with Joltid Limited – Yahoo! Finance – Mozilla Firefox.

Why on earth is the Canada Pension Plan investing in Skype? Idiots.

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They are not all evil …

Joel Makower: Two Steps Forward: Gary Hirshberg: Changing the Culture and ‘Stirring It Up’
His $300 million-a-year company — built with almost no traditional advertising — has been carbon neutral since 1996, the first company to do so, long before it became corporate chic. And it’s not just by writing a check to offset its emissions. Over the past decade, the company (via the tireless efforts of Hirshberg’s sister, Nancy, Stonyfield’s VP of Natural Resources) has reduced its facility energy use and the associated carbon emissions per pound of product by one-third. Stonyfield’s products are 100% organic, and it has helped hundreds of family farms convert from conventional farming. The company has worked to minimize waste, going so far as to collect used yogurt cups and lids and recycle them into useful products. And it uses its product labeling for activism, devoting precious real estate on yogurt lids to advance environmental causes.

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Publisher scrubs U.S. prices from Canadian magazine covers

Publisher scrubs U.S. prices from Canadian magazine covers
I would like to see this supposed “request of Canadian wholesalers.” but I can certainly believe that they asked for it the cowardly dogs. In any case, until they are named and shamed, I am no longer buying Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, or The Oprah Magazine!

Thus is the power of my purchasing dollar maintained.

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Copyright might follow U.S. model

Strangely, given their history, the National Post has a somewhat balanced article on the inclusion of copyright in the throne speech. It includes this gem from CRIA president Graham Henderson: “We’re concerned about hackers, the people who attack the business models,” said Mr. Henderson.

I wonder if anyone is going to pick up on that. CRIA wants a law put in place to protect their business model. Sigh. Techdirt has more reading on the whole Felony-Interfernce-Of-A-Business-Model is a not a real crime meme.

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Wall Street Isnt the Economy | The American Prospect

Ezra Klein has a post up at TAP – Wall Street Isnt the Economy where he makes the distinction between stock market valuations and the economic status of those of us who are not financially independent. The pithy tag line is Wall Street is not Main Street which I like enough to add to my .sig list.

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