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When worlds collide has an interesting collection of articles about traditional vs western medicines in the developing world :

“Bringing together traditional and modern medicine faces numerous challenges that stem from differences in how each is practiced, evaluated and managed. What are researchers doing to bridge the gap?”

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Michael Geist – Copyright Bill’s Fine Print Makes For a Disturbing Read

Michael Geist – Copyright Bill’s Fine Print Makes For a Disturbing Read

Yesterday Industry Minister Jim Prentice and Canadian Heritage Minister Josee Verner delivered what amounts to a stinging rebuke to the Supreme Court’s copyright vision of public interest and balance. After months of internal discussions (though precious little public consultation), the government unveiled its much-anticipated copyright reform bill. Casting aside the concerns of major business, education, and consumer groups, the bill seeks to dramatically tilt Canadian law toward greater enforcement and restrictions on the use of digital content, leading Liberal Industry critic Scott Brison to warn that it could result in a “police state.”

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College entrance standards are way down.

l33t educatz0rs

Apparently it takes a post-grad education to understand links and kittehs.

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