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Impolitical: The embarrassment goes international

Impolitical: The embarrassment goes international

Politicians and academics on Wednesday criticized the late night firing by the Conservative government of the head of Canada’s nuclear regulatory agency as a political attack on independent agencies.

OK, when a US newspaper expends any effort to report on a Canadian issue and actually sees through Bushlite’s spin, then you gots problems.

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They are not all evil …

Joel Makower: Two Steps Forward: Gary Hirshberg: Changing the Culture and ‘Stirring It Up’
His $300 million-a-year company — built with almost no traditional advertising — has been carbon neutral since 1996, the first company to do so, long before it became corporate chic. And it’s not just by writing a check to offset its emissions. Over the past decade, the company (via the tireless efforts of Hirshberg’s sister, Nancy, Stonyfield’s VP of Natural Resources) has reduced its facility energy use and the associated carbon emissions per pound of product by one-third. Stonyfield’s products are 100% organic, and it has helped hundreds of family farms convert from conventional farming. The company has worked to minimize waste, going so far as to collect used yogurt cups and lids and recycle them into useful products. And it uses its product labeling for activism, devoting precious real estate on yogurt lids to advance environmental causes.

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LS9 promises ‘renewable petroleum’ | Gristmill: The environmental news blog | Grist

LS9 promises ‘renewable petroleum’ | Gristmill: The environmental news blog | Grist

Picture a liquid fuel that is derived from the same feedstocks as cellulosic ethanol (switchgrass, sugar cane, corn stover) but contains 50% more energetic content and is made via a process that uses 65% less energy.

If these guys can do half of what they say they can, then I say invest. Now. Their proclamations put them way ahead of the curve as far as industrial microbial production is concerned. Their claim to tunable products based on manufactured organisms is, frankly, very hard to believe.

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Saving Energy

Earlier I posted in a link that Blackle was now my new home page. Turns out that this would have made sense in 1995, but now that I am completely LCDelcicously displaying my stuff it is no longer relevant. nOnoscience has the details.

Back to igoogle then.

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