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xkcd – Dangers

Died in a blogging accident. Because I am nothing if not a meme-whore.

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College entrance standards are way down.

l33t educatz0rs

Apparently it takes a post-grad education to understand links and kittehs.

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Shameful and ignorant

Google says that gbombing has been fixed, but any attempt to link shameful and ignorant to the ongoing vitriol that spews from the mouths of the US Republican presidential candidates is fine by me.

Torture doesn’t work. Torture is wrong. Even if it is Jack Bauer doing the deed.

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Ride the meat whale

I’m sorry, but I googled for that phrase and nothing turned up. Are my friends and I the only ones who noticed that the refrain in the Dandy Warhols – We Used To Be Friends sounds like that?

All I can say is I am shocked, shocked! I tell you.

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The Slumbering Lungfish Dybbuk Hostel and All-Night Boulangerie

The Slumbering Lungfish Dybbuk Hostel and All-Night Boulangerie
Lore Sjöberg is a man of many talents. You should appreciate what he does.

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