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Impolitical: The embarrassment goes international

Impolitical: The embarrassment goes international

Politicians and academics on Wednesday criticized the late night firing by the Conservative government of the head of Canada’s nuclear regulatory agency as a political attack on independent agencies.

OK, when a US newspaper expends any effort to report on a Canadian issue and actually sees through Bushlite’s spin, then you gots problems.

Leave a Comment | 02/21/2007 | Genentech loses patent dispute with MedImmune | 02/21/2007 | Genentech loses patent dispute with MedImmune

Yes! The extremely stupid extended Cabilly patent has been overturned. Finally. For context, see previous posts.

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Two other links for you to follow in the case of the Tripoli Six

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Free the Tripoli Six

Libya wishes to execute 5 Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor. They are accused and convicted of deliberatly infecting more than 400 children with HIV. The reality is that hospital procedures and conditions in Libya are to blame, and that they are innocent victims of a government’s shameful attempt to conceal its own incompetance and deadly fiscal mismanagement.

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Scientists Spot Chronic Pain On/Off Switch – Yahoo News

Cool discovery. And what is annoying to me is that under the current patent regime, the people who discovered it can patent the biochemical pathway – it doesn’t make sense to me that a discovery should be treated the same way as an invention (such as a drug that takes advantage of the pathway).

At the same time, if I discover a vein of mineral wealth, I can apply for the rights to mine. So it is a bit tricky.

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