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SCOTUS: Patent Denied!

Ars Technica coverage: Supreme Court saves medical profession from diagnostic patents.

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On Citizenship

The CBC is reporting that Abousfian Abdelrazik, a Canadian stranded in Sudan is deemed a security risk, denied a passport.

I do not believe a government is just that can decide to restrict the ability of a citizen to return home.

Word of the day: Disgusted.

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Impolitical: The embarrassment goes international

Impolitical: The embarrassment goes international

Politicians and academics on Wednesday criticized the late night firing by the Conservative government of the head of Canada’s nuclear regulatory agency as a political attack on independent agencies.

OK, when a US newspaper expends any effort to report on a Canadian issue and actually sees through Bushlite’s spin, then you gots problems.

Leave a Comment | 02/21/2007 | Genentech loses patent dispute with MedImmune | 02/21/2007 | Genentech loses patent dispute with MedImmune

Yes! The extremely stupid extended Cabilly patent has been overturned. Finally. For context, see previous posts.

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Now in the public domain, the works of A. A. Milne, English author.

Step up all you Pooh-bear slash fic writers.

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Two other links for you to follow in the case of the Tripoli Six

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